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Why to Code ?

Hey folks, as you are reading this, I guess you are thinking of learning to code, or maybe you started but want some motivation about why one should learn to code?

Don’t worry!
In the next 3-4 mins, I will try to cover why it is really necessary to learn to code, and also will try to cover some benefits of learning it early. So before going into the benefits of coding, let’s first answer what is coding? So, Coding is another language in itself. Every letter in the language has a special formula of 0’s and 1’s that represent it. These 0’s and 1’s give the technology around us directions on how to perform. How interesting it is to understand the working and be able to communicate with technology around you and me, isn’t it?

“Coding gives you the ability to speak to the technology around you”

Coding fosters creativity
The impact of coding on creativity is undeniable. You can think of hundreds of ways of solving a particular question. Each has its length and execution times, each way attacks the problem from a different angle. This flexibility in approaching the problem improves your creativity and problem-solving skills, which is an essential skill-set in the 21st Century.

Coding helps to improve math skills
Coding helps you to explore real-world applications of math concepts. It enables you to visualize abstract mathematical concepts. Mathematical topics that are considered to be obsolete by some often enable a developer to solve bugs that would elongate the development otherwise. Coding makes maths enjoyable!

Coding boosts confidence.
With coding, you learn to plan things and organize your thoughts. This indirectly improves your academic performance, which in turn boosts your confidence as well.

After understanding the reasons to learn to code, I’ll assure you, it’s never too late to start!

Now let's see some benefits of learning it.

Coding literacy can help you in understanding different aspects of technology.
Knowledge of coding helps you in different ways, too. It can be the difference between the person who can easily learn any aspect of technology and who cannot. It indirectly showcases your image as a fast learner, and in today’s ever digital world is crucial.

Coding allows you to pursue your passion projects.
Coding is a wonderful skill for you if you are a person who has tons of ideas and wants to get started with everything yesterday. Not having to look for a coder saves both time and money, plus it gives you the independence to keep changing and keep redesigning as your idea develops.

Coding can assist you with freelancing.
If you want to earn some pocket money for your daily chores then freelancing is best for you. Freelancing empowers individuals to lead the much sought after laptop-lifestyle. If you are thinking of going freelance or have the ability to work while studying, coding can be a great way to get into this. As coding is a highly valued skill at the moment, many big companies are ready to outsource their work. This means skill coders have a choice to work on their schedules and charge a nice rate for it at the same time. This also makes you self-dependent in your college life itself.

With all this, the added benefit of coding from my experience is you lose the fear of failure. Let’s consider a scenario wherein you get many errors in your code, you start trying to figure out what may have caused it and how to solve it. As time goes, you will find yourself experimenting and trying many different possibilities before settling on a particular solution. As you practice more, you will lose the fear of failure because you will know you will always reach a solution regardless of the number of trials you need.

So c’mon, buck up, boot your machine and start learning, as the one who does is the one who succeeds. Happy Learning!

Mehul Aswar
ML Developer and Content Writer
SIESGSTarena - Codechef Campus Chapter

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