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Enable Lambda Insights Using Python AWS CDK

Code for enabling Lambda Insights with the Python CDK

# Define the layer, make sure you use the right layer for your region and the pick the most up to date layer

insight_layer = _lambda.LayerVersion.from_layer_version_arn(self,'lambda_insights_layer',layerArn)

#Add the layer to the function as shown below
    self, 'my_function',
        path = 'lambda'

# Optional: Add the managed policy 
If using the `AWSLambdaBasicExecutionRole`, which CDK uses by default when creating a Lambda function, there is no need to do this. Otherwise, add the `CloudWatchLambdaInsightsExecutionRolePolicy` managed policy to the function.

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Note: make sure to pick the most up to date and correct region ARN for the Lambda Insights Extension layer. Reference these docs here for ARNs for all regions and version

Here are the AWS docs on how to enable Lambda Insights for the Typescript CDK.

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