webtorrent is great

sihamza on August 24, 2019

webtorrent is so great i mean imagine if a website like netflix or wikipedia uses it , it will lower the bandwith and the cost of the severs

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Netflix has a complex DRM implemented on their stream. Plus a lot of contents are region-locked licensed. These stuff are hard to control on decentralised technology like web-torrent. But I would like them to use a more modern encoding. Single 1080p 25min episode used 1.4GB of my internet. While I found entire season of 1080p x265 encoded, for 2.1GB.


I did build a P2P streaming test/play app as well as p2p file sharing and it blew me away. I ran into difficulty on something i couldnt not remember right now and kinda gave up. I think it was the topic of how to notify and share a seed to other users who may not know the magnet link.


I think there are legal and licensing reasons why Netflix, Spotify and similar apps can’t do that.

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