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Discussion on: How I host my personal site for ~$1USD/Month

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siliconhippy • Edited

Interesting! Will be nice to have a Part II with comparisons.

So can this setup have WordPress templates with Plesk or cPanel management?

How is your $1 a month site in terms of traffic and applications, compared with an equivalent Lightsail install that looks the cheapest to me in the Big Cloud space?

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Dakota Lewallen Author

Lightsail is more similar to traditional hosting services, in that it is spinning up a whole network environment to host your application. The deployment I detailed above is serverless. So wordpress and tools like cPanel are out of the picture entirely. In terms of handling traffic, the metrics are different. Performance isn't limited to a single machine or location, so a lot of the normal bottle-necks that come with single-machine hosting are removed. The tradeoff is that it can handle all those requests, and AWS is more than happy to charge you for doing that. So you do have to be careful that you bundle your application fairly small, and possibly limit the geographic regions that can access your distribution.