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Hi, How can i implement this in angularDart, Tried following your approach but nothing is happening in my component.


Could you shed a bit more light on what you wish to achieve? You don't need interop if using AngularDart itself.


I am trying to use jQuery With AngularDart, to animate some components. Angular has a BrowserAnimationsModule but couldn't find something similar in AngularDart so decided to use jQuery.

May investigate this as part of my video series on AngularDart. In the meantime, have you tried with CSS animations?

Css animations was my last resort, i will try and use css. Thank you.

You're welcome. Just released a video today demonstrating interop with Toastr.js in an AngularDart web app → Let me know what you think.

but I couldn't build the app when using external js library. :(

Any errors? Could you share the code you have in a GitHub gist?

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