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Discussion on: Kubernetes monitoring with Prometheus

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Simon Massey • Edited on

Great to see a DevOps tooling post. If you like helm check out helmfile it lets you have one yaml file that describes many helm chart applications in one declarative file.

I wrote a generic helm chart that can deploys any web application in any language. We configure the one generic chart to install many different webapps via separate helmfiles in a GitHub repo. There is a webhook on the GitHub repo that will fire when any yaml changes. It runs helmfile to sync the updated app into kubenetes. So all devs need to do is push some YAML into GitHub that describes the docker image and env vars of their new app and it appears up on kubernetes on AWS. I open sourced all of the charts and scripts as ocd-scm/ocd-meta on GitHub. It’s essential built out of helmfile and some other good tools as simple glue scripts with some strong conventions.