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Discussion on: Chromium and the browser monoculture problem

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Šime Vidas • Edited on

“Just imagine with me for a moment: What if Company A and Company B and everyone else stopped maintaining separate products, duplicating a ton of effort and desperately trying to keep up with the pace of the behemoth that is the market leader, and instead began contributing to a shared product? What if everyone benefited from everyone else's work?”

I mean, I was born in socialist Yugoslavia, so I’m not the most pro-capitalistic person out there but what you’re suggesting sounds like something that is completely incompatible with capitalism.

Just the idea that all browser vendors would agree on a single engine without one of them ever wanting to fork sounds utterly utopian.

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Ken Bellows Author

Ha, maybe. And maybe my idea will stall until the after the revolution ✊

But I wouldn't count it out altogether. Standardization on a shared core has worked before (see: Linux kernel), but admittedly it hasn't been on this scale, with this much existing market entrenchment.

I agree that it's a major problem to be dealt with, but I'm not convinced that it's insurmountable just yet.