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Discussion on: Why you should reinvent the wheel

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Maybe my experience is just different than yours, but normally when I hear/say "don't re-invent the wheel" it's not around "don't do X, it's been done" but more "you're trying to build X that needs a Y, there's already a good enough Y why not use that and focus more on making your X awesome".

If you are trying to build an app, why make your own database when there are plenty available for you to use? It's a distraction from building your app. Sure, if you want to build your own database to learn, or because you think you can build a better one, or because none of the existing ones meet your exact requirements. But if your goal is to build an app, why but focus on that?

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Nathanael Demacon Author

In your case you want to create an app because it doesn't already exists or the existing one(s) doesn't match your requirement.

Using something that already exists to help you create another things is not reinventing the wheel, or at least un my mind. Today there is not a lot of peuples who do things totally from scratch, you use something else to support your creation.

Reinventing the wheel is more a fact of "don't mind if there is something like you want to create that already exists".