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I've been doing this kind of online writing for 16 years. Just me, my thought, my life, and some people with whom we connect based on common things and genuine interest between us.
This is what I am developing my project for - a place for personal blogs, scribbles, thinking aloud, writing without any particular goal except expressing yourself... and connecting with other people. Maybe.
(it is in very early stages still)

I would not want to blog seriously about a certain subject. It is too goal-centric for my taste.


Sounds like my kind of project! There used to be a site I'd post small bits of creative writing but it's been taken down since, and I'm unsure where I'd put similar creative writing I'd want to do right now. That may be another outlet I work on for my own site later on too. That kind of "writing-based social network" sounds very interesting.


It is basically a successor to online-diaries-of-early-2000s sites. Soon I am going to start a series of posts about developing it. :) And at some point it is going to be released to the public, I hope.

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