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Discussion on: Full-time, side projects, learning, and staying sane

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Anna Simoroshka Author • Edited on

9 months is a lot! Actually, it is good to take a day or two completely off and binge watch whatever, or even better - go somewhere. You'll be more relaxed if you allow yourself to do it once in a while (which of course can be quite tricky to do, mentally, because "must do all the things").
I find that scheduling idle and fun time is better than scheduling work. You know that you have those hours set aside and that you are allowed to do anything or to do nothing.

Do try to balance things out now, because getting a job is only a beginning of a new interesting but challenging stage.

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Amy Rutherford

Yep. It was a last ditch effort to learn after trying to learn on my own, getting stuck and giving up for a while. A lot of things happened that gave me a lot of free time so I went ham on it since I was starting from almost zero.

I thought about how monks have each hour of the day scheduled and I might have to put reminders in my calendar. I finished my web dev class a few weeks ago and I'm still trying to decompress, even though I see the gaps that need to be filled in. Mixing things up will keep me from overdoing it I hope! The mixed blessing of not having a deadline for a while.