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uBlock Origin
React Developer Tools
ColorZilla - color picker from anywhere on the page
Grammarly - better spell and grammar checker
Inifinite dashboard - I use it to have only a nice image and nothing else on the new tab
LastPass - password manager
Appear.in screen sharing - for my service of choice to make video calls
GitHub SLOC - shows the number of lines in a repo, somehow, to me, it feels important :)
Toolkit for YNAB - youneedabudget.com is an amazing budget planning tool, this is an extension to make it even better
Evernote Clipper - not sure yet about this one


I have heard good things about youneedabudget.com. didn't know they had chrome plugin.


I think it's not theirs, it's an independent thing. It adds some nice UX tweaks to the webapp.

thank you for the info @simoroshka

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