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Discussion on: Laravel: Performance Boost!

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This request $request->user()->incomes()->get();
produce something like that:

SELECT * FROM users WHERE id = 2
SELECT * FROM incomes WHERE user_id = 2

You don't need all the columns from each table, this query consume a lot and look at the number of models in the php debug bar, it's crazy !

I didn't test because I don't have the data and time but maybe try something like :

Income::select(DB::raw('SUBSTRING(date_income_received, 1, 4) as year'))

This way you request only the date_income_received column in one table like in your query builder tip. (I used DB::raw('SUBSTRING()') because you wrote having an issue with SQLITE)

If you want the user's data in the result, you should use eager loading like here and select only the column(s) you need. This way avoid N+1 issues.

You can find good tips that improve your Eloquent perf here

Hope this helps.

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Jonathon Ringeisen Author

@simpledevme you are correct! The following Eloquent query has the same improved performance. I'll edit the article this evening. Thank you for that information!

return Income::selectRaw("substr(date_income_received, 1, 4) as year")
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