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I have not associated the master branch with slavery not even once in my entire life as a developer. The term master has absolutely nothing to do with slavery and disrespecting black people. I don't think that it was created with the idea to disrespect anybody. I personally have nothing against black people just because they are black.
You say: "...using the term master to define the default source of truth in my repos has always caused me pain." If a term master bothers you even though it has nothing to do with racism, I think that you should look deep inside your hearth and try to overcome the past that is haunting you.
The same goes for blacklist/whitelist terms that have absolutely nothing to do with the color of your skin and btw your skin is brown is not black. I cannot accept calling the terminology "pervasive" because of you seeing yourself as a victim of slavery which no longer exists in the modern world.
I don't see myself as a master of anybody and you should not see yourself as a slave or a victim of racism.


We're of the same view. I do have a very hard time understanding the victim mentality of history.

But at the same time, we gotta respect too. And I believe the answer to your statement is, because in a way, it still exists -- (systematic oppression). But then again, I go back, to why being offended by a term has so much weight.
I'm going in circles.

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