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Hello all I am new to the group. As a python teacher I decided to take all the programs I have written and put them into a single application for the teacher. My inspiration... to make my life easier lol. The program is written in powershell yet it runs all python apps. The demo program will contain a cross section of the apps. The production program currently has 221 exercises and is growing daily. It allows the teacher to select the lessons from the various categories and build the actual lesson. It is also a presentation tool for the teacher. You can present on an overhead and people in the back row of the class can read the code easily. I don't know if anyone has created such an application. It is really unlike all of the web download stuff that you find. It is a windows app. I will be putting out a demo within two weeks. I will post a link from our website to download the demo when it is actually posted. Our website is siraoops.com. For the most part our website has educational software. I am being influenced by my teacher role. Let me know if there any interest. Turns out I am also originally from NY.

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