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Discussion on: How do you handle unproductive days at work?

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Jessica Bell

Every once and a while: do simple small tasks, take a bunch of breaks, focus on chatting with co workers/team bonding type stuff and don't stress - sometimes it's OK to have an off day

Happening multiple times a week: Evaluate my daily routine and state of mental health. Cut out daily routine stuff that is not healthy, prioritize sleep, food that makes my body feel good, exercise that doesn't stress me out (walking, yoga, swimming, biking). Checking in on my mental health can be asking myself what items I may be dealing with in and out of work and making a real place to deal with those (for example doing life chores I have been putting off, having that awkward convo you have been avoiding, finding a counselor/therapist, reducing time spent on anything that drains vs. fills you up). Say no, and REST.