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Discussion on: A stable alternative to SQLite for offline desktop app?

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Lukáš Kovář

NeDB Is still ok

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Alex Leung

NeDB keeps everything in-memory which makes it a no-go for me.

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Pacharapol Withayasakpunt Author • Edited

NeDB doesn't support TypeScript as good as @types/lokijs.

Also, far less consistency guaranteed than SQLite.

  • Multiple column unique indices
  • Foreign key integrity
  • Not Null

Not that lokijs or @lokidb/lokidb is better. However, lokijs seems to be one-man's work, yet recently updated in < 1 month. (vs NeDB.)

As I have destroyed my database with lokijs before (i.e. cannot read anymore), I cannot be sure about NeDB -- especially on ACID guarantee.