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Thanks a lot for all those information :) I personally have taken a look at Rust a while ago and haven't really enjoyed it. Also it had a few problems in stability, which I always experienced in Mozilla Software... might also be just me... on 2 - 3 different computers... just don't really know... but as you are so passionate about it, keep on doing awesome stuff with Rust! You might find a way to make a big thing with it :)


They have actually done a lot of work recently to stabilize all of the common crates and make the language more ergonomic. They are also in the middle of a documentation overhaul. So the language should be much more approachable.


Can you talk a little bit more about why you didn't like Rust? I'm trying to think of languages you might like working with.

It's really just stability and my experience with Mozilla products I guess... I always have the problem that their software gets incredibly slow after a few minutes of usage... But maybe it's just me :)

Till now I really liked C# (even though I'm not able to write it anymore because of a long break) and PHP. Maybe that might help you :)

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