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Discussion on: Deploying a static Gatsby app using

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Richard Joseph

Firstly, thank you for the article.

I came here to possibly pass this technique on to a colleague, I profess to knowing not a great deal about the Gatsby-Now symbiosis. However, I have successfully deployed a Gatsby starter onto Now, simply by issuing the now command, no 'now.json' necessary (I am vaguely aware of the file's usage from my older Now attempts).

Gatsby's own Now Github repository doesn't seem to have the 'now. json' file either:

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Pooria A Author

Seems like with a new update Now can identify the default dist folder for many frameworks. Before that it was only looking for /dist folder and with Gatsby it was a different name.

As you can see, they removed it all from many projects in a recent commit

Thanks for informing, will update the article soon.