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Sergiy Yevtushenko

Suggestion to use microservices is not very good one. This is an expensive step and in most cases organizations are not prepared for them.

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⚫️ nothingness negates itself

i didn't suggest to use microservices. i saw that someone else mentioned it, and i supplied links to tools and ideas that makes microservices easier to achieve. i listed tools relevant to microservices; i did not suggest that one choose microservices over some other SOA or style irrespective to their problem or economic situation

if anything, a more intuitive reading of my post would be: "IF you use microservices, use scale cube and microservice design canvas", not "HEY USE MICROSERVICE NOW"

notice, all I did was mention the word "microservice" and two things. just because someone puts it on the road map doesn't mean it's a suggested path, but that it is a suggestion of an opportunity to take a path.

this discussion is about what we can learn as developers in order to be competitive and knowledgeable given the problem set, regardless of the budget to achieve it. we're not here to figure out one organization's problem as individual developers. microservices is one of many things we're expected to understand and learn. we're not asking "what is the road map if you have budget X for organization Y", we're just asking what the road map is. you're bringing it a lot of other background or contextual information to a discussion that doesn't depend on it

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