Discussion on: Imposter Syndrome: PHP Edition

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paυlιcy crιтιc

Duh. You didn't add the module first.


Lets be frank, good tools doesn't make a good carpenter. PHP is a toolbox full everything you need to either make a horrible mess of it or a wonderfully designed application that reflects a little bit of thought reflected in design patterns.

Frankly, I've used PHP as an alternative to bash script in order to leave a trail of readable code behind for the next person who happens into that code. It's really no more complicated than a #!/usr/bin/php to set the interpreter and off you go.

This is the problem with being a widely consumed language, some people cut their teeth on it, move to a framework and forget the road that got them there. That's fine, it's an evolution, learning, growth and all that good stuff.

What's worse are the developers that suffer an innate capacity to remain closed minded knowing-what-they-know and being chatty-cathy styled regurgitators of their own dogma.

As stated within the pages of PHP: The Right Way, There is no canonical way to use PHP.

There are abominations in every language.