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Week-4 Day-6

  1. My target: Now I am looking for an internship to develop my skill and knowledge. Then after completing the internship I want to join a full-time job.

  2. Where and how: (কোথায় বা কোন দেশে জব খুজতেছো ):
    I am especially interested in the USA, India, UK, etc.

  3. Expectation: I want a paid internship. Because I want to develop my skill through it which will also support me financially then I want to join the full-time job.

  4. আমার কি কি জিনিস ইম্প্রুভ করা উচিত
    Ans: I think I need to improve my skill specially on backend.I also want to learn MySQL though I worked on MongoDB.In addition, I want to develop my skills in new technologies also.I want to focus on redux, angular, MySQL, etc.

  5. Sincerity: Time management
    Ans :
    Sincerity :
    A sincere person takes pride in their work and is careful of the ramifications their actions can have on others. Sincerity is an essential element of life. A sincere person is always welcomed because of his truthful mind, friendly attitude, and unaffected and real personality.

Time management :
Time management affects performance and productivity at work. It will improve employee efficiency and help to meet deadlines, and produce better quality work. Improving your time management at work allows you to enhance your performance and achieve your desired goals.

  1. Professionalism: The concept of professionalism goes beyond ethics; it encompasses image, manners, respect, appearance, excellence, quality, expertise, and other factors.

  2. Honestly: We believe honesty is the foundation of deep and meaningful relationships between companies and their employees and customers.

  3. Commitment: Job commitment is the feeling of responsibility that a person has towards the mission and goals of an organization. When an individual has job commitment, he or she is more likely to perform tasks and responsibilities that will help an organization achieve a goal.

  4. Challenge
    Challenging jobs provide an opportunity to strengthen, develop, and learn skills applicable to the work world. That’s why I like challenges in my job which make me so happy after success.

  5. Ethics
    Examples of ethical behaviors in the workplace include; obeying the company's rules, effective communication, taking responsibility, accountability, professionalism, trust, and mutual respect for your colleagues at work.

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