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Transition CSS

What is Transition

Transition is the easiest way to create animation in CSS. So, I am not going to deep dig into the history of transition. We developers always wanted to see the end result and then we move forward. So, here I am attaching a Codepen below for end result.

Have a look and then move forward.
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So, let's start with some basics.

Syntax :

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Well, there are thousands of ways to use it, but most of the time it is used in case of hovering. So, let me take an example to explain it in brief.

background: black;
transition: background 1s ease-in; 
// Here I am writing background because I want to change background on hover

.First:hover {
background: red;
// Magic 
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Transition timing function values

1. linear
2. ease
3. ease-in
4. ease-out
5. ease-in-out
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Which Properties you can Animate using CSS Animations

You can find out here a list of all the properties you can animate via transition



cubic-bezier -

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