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re: Not everything you said is truth. What you described as a cloud is commonly known as public cloud and you share resources with other tenants. But ...

But then there's private cloud where tenant will be given its own resources that won't be shared with anyone else.

You get your resources that may not be shared with anyone else - while at the same time they are far from being neither performant nor flexible.

You get the same cheap CPUs bought for public cloud because their ROI is so fast (lot of core count, small caches, low frequencies) you get one fixed storage of unknown configuration that will 100% not suit your use case. You will be lucky if it's SAS based, in most cases it's NLSAS OR staight SATA. You luckily may get your own RAID controller with some cache but no control over read/write ratio. In most cases tho, you get shared NAS with other tennants because that's where they invested tons of money and they need to monetize on it.
Then you get a network connectivity. That's also shared. Not only with tennants but while doing your backups it will cut from it. If you're lucky they did invest into dedicated NIC for NAS connectivity.

How is that better than public cloud? It is simply not!

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