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Just to clear some misconceptions.

I had some doubts about your tinnitus claims and after talking to my wife (doctor at ORL) she has confirmed them. Wearing headphones cannot be linked to development of tinnitus in normal conditions.

Tinnitus can develop in the following headphones scenarios:

  • You wear headphones with verly loud music for a long period of time regularly
  • You wear noise cancellation headphones and remove them in very noisy environment (sudden volume change, like someone screaming into your ear after putting them down)

I'm myself a long term headphones user, metal band player, loud music seeker and I have no tinnitus whatsoever (I'm almost 40).


Thank you so much for your feedback and for clearing that up.

It kind of makes sense now since I know excactly which day the tinnitus started: I was putting up a new fence and used a used a pile hammer to drive the fence posts into the ground without wearing ear protection. I just kind of figured that it was related to my general hearing loss. Whenever I do put on headphones my tinnitus gets a bit worse for a while afterwards.

I have never been listening to loud music with headphones - only at concerts and though speakers.

You must be in kind of a risk zone as a metal band player? Lots of rock musicians have hearing loss and tinnitus, right?

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