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Discussion on: The Lies of "===" operator

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Tomaz Lovrec

Why would one HAVE to use -0? -0 is flawed, since, 0 is neutral, it doesn't have a sign.

Take 1 for example, 1 == +1 since 1 has the + sign, where as with 0, is not +0 because 0 has no sign. So 0 === -0 being true is actually one of the few places where JS is right.

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GiandoDev Author

Hi Tomaz, I’m not talking about why ... I just show a fact 🙂 I never use -0 in my life but I am not God I am just a person.
Use or not it’s up to you 🙂

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Michael Kohl

@tomas Because it's part of IEEE 754.

Apart from that, it's e.g. used to show that a small negative value was rounded up to zero (and not a positive one rounded down).