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Discussion on: My editor journey: sublime, vim, emacs, vscode

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Jose Vargas • Edited

I use Doom emacs, let me address each of these:

cmd + p to open files using fuzzy search is faster and more intelligent (it puts recent files on top)

SPC SPC fuzzy search all project files
SPC , fuzzy search all open files
SPC > fuzzy search all open buffers (like a vscode tab)

shortcuts are more similar with browser shortcuts which makes my life easier as web developer

  1. you customize your emacs keybindings to whatever you want, you can't have leader keys in vscode
  2. vim plugin in vscode is so far from complete, evil for emacs on the other hand though

config files are JSON files and there is no need for too much customization (my config file has 22 lines and that's all)

Good for plug-and-play kind of experience, not so good when you want to get creative. TBF it took me longer than a week to figure out a good configuration for TypeScript/JSX on emacs.

the integrated multiple terminal works really well and it has splits like tmux

it does

vscode is maintened by Microsoft which I think it's great to have a team working on it and adding features that integrate well with each other

or rather, you are vendor-locking yourself, and you have poor ability to edit/fix your own editor. You haven't seen issues, but "Find all references" never worked for me, ctrl + click broke often on large projects, etc. Also, telemetry

I don't need to debug vscode and I didn't find any bug so far

It's not so much that you do not need to debug vscode, as it is that you are unable to do so.

I don't need to install too much plugins

This is one of the vscode strengths, you can be productive with minimal effort. But with time you might want to change things... I had about 26 plugins installed, probably used only half of them, and a lot were almost good enough but I couldn't configure them how I wanted. On the other hand Emacs packages are very configurable.

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Install either LSP or Tide for emacs and you get the same functionality and more. Tide's "Find all references" and "Rename symbol" have worked tons better for me than they did in vscode.

Just to give you an idea of the fun things you can do in emacs, if I press SPC g p while in normal mode my emacs will create a git commit automatically with all modified files, pull from repo any changes, and then push my commit. Few keystrokes to keep my notes in sync with remote. :)