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Discussion on: Generators in Javascript: How to use them

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Reinis Ivanovs

Sorry, but you should have qualified the use cases as being for, for example, library authors, because this way they're bound to be misapplied and waste time.

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Karim Elghamry Author

I don't see anything bound to library authors or a specific category of users in the basic use cases that I've provided above, especially the visualization use case. Also, you should've read my closing note more carefully as it states that generators are not the best solution for most problems. As any other existing approach, you must always think of the pros and cons of it before applying it to the problem in-hand.

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Ryan Wheale

I think like anything else it's another tool in the tool belt. Sometimes the best way to learn is to pull the wrong tool, or build your own version of a tool instead of bringing in an entire tool shed like lodash. While some might consider that "wasted" time, I consider it educational time.