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Discussion on: Data visualization: Using amCharts with Perl and Mojo

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Slobodan Mišković

Thanks for the article.

What is the reasoning of this line - does it cover some edge case?

var chartData = JSON.parse(JSON.stringify((<%== $chart_data %>)))
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From what I understand, $chart_data is already encoded as json, so you should be able to just do

var chartData = <%== $chart_data %>)
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Or skip the assignment altogether, and pass it in right away:

createMultiLineChart(<%== $chart_data %>);
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Gaurav Rai Author

Thanks for the catch. The JSON parsing is absolutely not needed on JS side.
I remember I was doing some hit and trail before encoding it as JSON on server side and forgot it to remove later. Since everything is working fine, I didn't catch it. That is an extra performance overhead on JS side by cloning it.
I will remove it. Thank you.

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