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Want to succeed? Be a fearless rat | AppSeed

Hello coders!

Usually, I'm writing about automation and seed projects. Well, this time the post is about a dummy video published on yTube that helps me to keep going with my startUp during the hard times. Thanks in advance!

Really sorry for the language used in the mentioned video, but the content highlights a few really important facts:

  • Don't take it as granted what society deliver
    • Video facts: the rat goes straight to the cats gang
  • Listen to your inner calls
    • Video facts: The rat feels or thinks that his road is forward, not aside.
  • When is hard, imagine that you're the rat (for me works).
    • Video facts: The rat do whatever is required, based on his knowledge and abilities, to reach his goal flawlessly.

My advice to anyone? be the rat!

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