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re: Coding consists of two major parts, one logic and one is organizing logic. Consider logic as a contents of book and organizing as a book library.Bo...

This is an excellent explained opinion with an example :)

The class syntax is a natural way to express objects form a real world. They represent something, which can have unique properties attached. The problem is that we are using classes to do everything, and we mix business logic with the state. We do that because it is so easy. Only what we have to do is add methods...

it is very easy to refactor the code because IDE knows all references of identifier and it can safely refactor it

IDEs can also handle more functional approach. If not, they will. If it would be opposite, I would be very sorry for all functional languages programmers.


IDEs do handle refactor in functional language, but it will not be as powerful as the one with class language.

You are right about doing everything in class, infact same applies to functional, people want to do everything in functional way, that is also wrong, using best of both worlds will be perfect approach.

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