How to be consistent with programming?

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Hey guys
I have recently been into development progress, and am struggling a lot. But at the same time, I feel like these competitions like Hacktoberfest are really big motivations for a coder like me, who likes to keep things simple. As things get really tough my motivation level drops to zero, and after some time I lose interest in that problem. Then I move on to the next problem and leave the previous behind.
After learning the basics, when I try to dive into the complex part of let's say Javascript, React. I fail to do so.
I was hoping Anybody from the community can help me out in this regard, like what things am I doing wrong, or my approach to solving the problem is entirely wrong.
I would appreciate your people's precious guidelines and will welcome every harsh comment. So feel free to express yourself :)

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Hey, just don't give Up.

Maybe you should try a more simple approach.

What's happening is that you are lacking a base. Do simpler things. Try to solve challenges from eulier project, or advent of code... The thing is get a fundation before jumping into other subjects.

Google 'developer Road map'. Follow a path, and practice, practice, practice...

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Thanks, Florian, I am working on the basics. Hopefully will be able to achieve something good in near future

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