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Discussion on: Vue's Darkest Day

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Katinka Hesselink

I started using Vue after having worked on personal projects with react. So I was very much a beginner. I LOVED the fact that I did not have to differentiate between different syntaxes, as I did with React.

So yes - from a beginner's perspective, this change WILL make things harder. I can't say I understand the new syntax yet.
The current one is super-intuitive for front-enders. If you know HTML, CSS and Javascript, the template structure is an obvious way to organise things. Sure, for advanced use it has limitations, but it is so VERY legible. I love it.

I suspect that I would hesitate to use the new syntax as a default, simply because the old one is so much more intuitive.

In the example code I'm totally lost: where is the html that gets rendered? I don't even see a render function! (as I would have in react).