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You want full list or something specific? I'll give you a scoop.
Crapton of synthwave/newwave, jpop+jrock, some vgm osts for good measure.
It really depends on the task and the general mood, but here's a few examples:
"Droid Bishop - lost in symmetry" album
Uplink ost
Various Jpop/Jrock (usually OPs), to example - Slayers Try Ost (treasury vox), or jam project discography
Little big adventure ost
Legend of kyrandia 2 ost
Panorama Cotton Ost
Super Hydelide ost (out of freedom, chaos separator and light metal specifically)
Crusader - No remorse/no regret ost
Big Pharma ost
Theme Hospital ost
Planet mule theme
F.T.L. ost (including extended version with Hacking malfunction and Lost ship)
Raiden 1 ost
Tyrian Ost

And that's to name a few. My collection grows month by month C:

Also no headphones - 5.1 system. Easier on the head.

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