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I'm pretty new to code after a varied career, ranging from parcel courier to Master's degree in English. I completed a coding bootcamp earlier this year (CodeClan in Edinburgh, Scotland) and learned very quickly in a supportive and nurturing environment. I've since landed a freelance gig, building a cross platform app; the company I'm dealing with have been great, allowing me to use a desk in the office and even supplying me with a MacBook. As much as I love the environment, the scale of the job has really begun to loom over me - I'm working completely autonomously, and in a framework I've never used before. I'm getting through it by sticking to the principles I was taught about TDD/BDD, simple code, and a clean, consistent workflow. There's also one other dev here with 15+ years of experience who I can tap up for advice when required.

Impostor syndrome kicks in pretty strongly sometimes, especially when the giddy high of hitting a milestone subsides, and the road to the next one stretches out long and hazy in front of me. I'm just taking small, sure steps, and documenting everything. The developer I'll evolve into in the future will, I'm sure, be thankful!

NB: Did I mention that my project manager is my Wife?

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