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Discussion on: When Should You Use A Web Framework?

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Philippe Vaillancourt Author

I tend to agree with you regarding the use of frameworks on the back-end. I may be wrong but I really feel like they are usually more focused and it's easier to understand how they work under the hood.

I'm more interested in the front-end frameworks for this discussion. You said "it depends". On what? Can you give us examples of projects / situations / contexts where you would choose to use a front-end framework and some where you would choose not to?

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James Hickey

If you need a really snappy UI experience then front-end framework is probably the way to go. On the other side of the spectrum is an enterprise task-based app that needs to have top-notch security.

Security agreements in certain industries might actually prevent the use of front-end frameworks in general (I've heard of this but don't have any examples).

Something like this government standard might force you to go with the simple route (no front-end framework).

One might opt not to go with front-end frameworks for the overhead of having to manage multiple projects (front and back), extra build steps, etc.

One reason I love vuejs, for example, is that I don't need to build my entire UI with it. It's super easy to just drop it wherever I need - whether on a specific page, section of a page or even as a mini app within the larger app.