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Discussion on: 5 Tips and Tricks for Firefox DevTools - Page Inspector

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Yuki Cheung

Nice! Firefox devtools needs more love!

I think that Firefox has more extra things than Chrome devtools, like the special tool for CSS grid layout and flexbox. It is definitely easier to use CSS grid in Firefox, rather than in Chrome's devtools.

Also, one of the function of Firefox devtools I love is that it can show event listeners besides the target div! You can even click on it and view those related listener functions. Quite useful when your addEventListener function doesn't work :)

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Alex Lakatos πŸ₯‘ Author

I agree with you 100%, that's why this series was born and that's why I'm using Firefox DevTools as my default! TBH, I think the main reason I still use the Chrome ones from time to time is that I can't do live edits in the Debugger in Firefox, yet. I'm jumping the gun, but the next Inspector trick series is featuring the new Flexbox and Grid tools.

I didn't think of adding the event listeners bubble, but now I think I should.