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The theme is called ayu. It is awesome!

It is configured the way I like it, here's the full list of settings that I am using.
And I prefer to have a minimal set of plugins.

You can find everything inside my dotfiles repository.

sobolevn / dotfiles

dotfiles for the developer happiness: zsh, brew, vscode, python, node, elixir

sobolevn's dotfiles

sobolevn's dotfiles


What's in there?

  • all my brew dependencies including: applications, fonts, etc. See Brewfile
  • all my macOS configuration. See macos
  • all my python dependencies. See python/
  • all my shell configuration. See shell/ and config/zshrc
  • all my vscode configuration. See vscode/


We are using dotbot to handle any installations. Steps:

  1. Clone this repo
  2. cd into dotfiles/ folder
  3. Run: ./install


I am using both hyper and Terminal App as terminal emulators I am using zsh with oh-my-zsh as a main shell I also have a lot of tools to make my working experience better Here are some good articles I wrote about my environment:

I mainly work with three stacks:

  • python
  • node
  • elixir

So, they are configured nice and smoothly. You will have configured version managers, best practices, and useful tools. And some productivity hacks!

I also have php

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