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Discussion on: How YOU can contribute to OSS, a beginners guide

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Chris Noring Author
  • it makes your workplace more attractive to developers they might want to hire, it shows it's a fun place to work
  • it's also a way to try ideas out and have developers on your company start collaborating that might not be on the same team
  • software developed might get additional help from the outside through PRs.. that might lead to finding people you want to recruit or work with for freelance gigs..

In short:

  • it makes you look good to help finding talent
  • promotes more cross-collaboration across teams in your company
  • the software developed might benefit both your company and others, and you get external help to make that software even better
  • it might make it a more fun place to work, especially if devs are allowed to spend x hours on it per week, so it might help to retain staff.
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