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Discussion on: How to get a beginner role in coding?

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Sohaib Author

Thank you so much Jon for replying. Thanks for the kind words and advice. I think I know all of what you said and I completely agree with you. What I just did not understand is if the company is going to put me through a training academy would they have not expected me to show mistakes in my tech test? And they did also mention it themselves that "we know you will make mistakes, it is okay". Thats what confused me I thought they might give me a chance because I tried and they would see my drive to want to learn and better myself.

Like you said the world is inna tough place right now and well will just have to be patient and persistent and eventually hopefully land that first job. Hope you are well and keeping safe during these hard times.

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Jon Lim

It does seem like a weird practice, for junior candidates being brought into a "training academy", but like I mentioned it might be a bullet dodged. Organizations that project a very positive attitude but in practice are poorly run places are not worth spending a lot of your time and energy on.

Find the places that you want to work for, and think you'd get the most from, and focus on getting roles in those types of organizations.