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Discussion on: Why Do Companies Ask For Passion?

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Casey Juanxi Li

I really liked this - not because you're arguing that companies shouldn't be asking for "passionate" employees, but you're being very explicit about the real reason they do so.

There's a normative judgement and social capital in the word "passionate" - it's usually reserved for someone who is full of energy, dedicated to their craft, will achieve great success, etc etc.

I don't think your cynical answer is cynical at all - it's just that no company in their right mind would write "We prefer candidates who will willingly put in more hours for no extra pay because they will prioritize their job above other things in their life - family, friends, health, personal interests" etc, even though that's 100% the truth.

I personally appreciate you stripping the pseudo-meritocratic veneer off of this word when it's used in job descriptions. It has nothing to do with merit and everything to do with what is in the company's best interest.