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Not quite relevant, but I'd like to share some experience on that because I believe this kind of problems is quite rare.

When my team was building a white-label product (not entirely in React and no variations in component behavior and HTML markup, mostly styles and texts in different languages, texts included HTML in a few places), we made a build system that spits out separate bundles for each "partner" and an app loader that loads the respective bundle given the "partner" identifier in runtime.

We split the bundled code into the core bundle which contained all the component implementations and the core component styles, a "partner" style bundle which included partner style overrides (we relied on CSS cascade to apply the overrides), and a messages bundle which included the translations compiled for the "partner" from the base and the overrides during the build.

This happened before the CSS modules came into play, so this might not be the best possible implementation, but it works for several years now, and gradual introduction of React into the app didn't change the approach. We used the BEM naming methodology for our components' CSS class names and LESS mixins provided by the components to ensure theming uses the appropriate style overrides in the "partner" bundles.

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