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re: Flask and SQLAlchemy without the Flask-SQLAlchemy Extension VIEW POST


Very helpful article! I usually add engine.dispose() as well to make sure there's no stale connection to the database.


Thank you for the kind comment! It's possible I am mistaken, but I believe using engine.dispose() in this way isn't a good idea. It appears to completely reset the entire connection pool that SQLAlchemy is using behind the scenes.

From the documentation:

The Engine is intended to normally be a permanent fixture established up-front and maintained throughout the lifespan of an application. It is not intended to be created and disposed on a per-connection basis


Thanks for the information! We used to ran into the problem of the connection being killed before (I suspected this is the database killing inactive connections but this should be already handled by the connection pool) and the workaround is to create a new connection every time, even if it adds overhead.

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