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Discussion on: Creating a common component library with CSS and SASS in React.

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soorajnairhs • Edited

Hi Aki,
Thanks for all this information. I've created a component library like you mentioned. I've tried and use create-react-library to package. I've a theme.scss file which takes in other files like colors.scss, dimensions.scss, fonts.scss etc. These files have respective scss variables lile $primaryColor, $primaryPadding etc.
When I publish the package, I'm able to import controls in consumer app, like
import Button from 'component-repo';
However, I'm only able to see a compiled version of scss files, as just one css file.
I would like these variables to be updated by consuming application. The package I mentioned earlier uses rollup. Is there a way not to compile scss variables, and keep it as it is, and thereby making the component library actually useful. Any sort of help is well appreciated.

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With the help of Aki, I was able to solve this issue. I've tried to put together the content in a stack overflow answer, over here.
Many thanks for your support Aki :-)

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Aki Rautio Author

Thanks :) And superb that you wrote about it since I'm pretty sure that you are not the only having the same struggle.