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Discussion on: Beginner looking for a community

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Sean Ormiston • Edited on

Hi Maru!
First off, props to having the courage to introduce yourself. is definitely a fine community, and sometimes intimidating by virtue of the expertise here. Although....that is the point!

I am a somewhat recent bootcamp graduate who has been looking for the kind of "all-in-this-togetherness" of a group of self-starters -- the experience I had at General Assembly.

I warmly and highly recommend you check out . Especially, join the discord server (link at bottom of page.) It's a very well-balanced server --- not too big, not too small, many self-learners, and very principally javascript. If you're interested in modern javascript frameworks (definitely a big deal in becoming a frontend developer -- React, especially, but also Vue and Angular) then this is a great place. Mintbean also launches hackathons every week, which can be done solo or in teams of 3. A lot of learning happens in a hackathon, but if it ever becomes overwhelming, there is no penalty or consequence. Just try again, whenever you want.

If you come through there, say hi, and let me know what you're working on! I'm happy to help.

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Maru Author

Hi Sean!

At first I was hesitant to introduce myself over here, now I'm happy I did!
Thank you very much for the recommendation, I will definitely check that out :)