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Discussion on: PurgeCSS with Slim Templates

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Arnaud Joubay

I did!

Going back to your article, I stopped using the dot syntax and use the classic declaration div class="…" instead of relying on slim's magic here.
Does this help with the issue you're addressing or am I missing something?

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julianrubisch Author

No, just then a key point on why to use slim at all is lost 😉

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Arnaud Joubay • Edited

"No" I'm not missing anything, or "No" it doesn't help? 😀

Regarding the key point, nothing is lost that is not worth losing to me. On the contrary, I feel like I regained some lost flexibility.

  • I still save on all the closing markups + noisy <%=> erb syntax, which is the bulk of the heaviness.
  • I get to copy/paste classes between projects regardless of whether they use slim or not. Otherwise, you have to turn spaces into dots (and vice-versa).
  • When you use dom_id(object), it makes more sense to me to have it at the beginning of the line with div id=dom_id(object) class="…" data-… than after a long list of classes and hidden in the middle of other attributes declarations
  • It makes things a bit more clear and consistent (sometimes you still need a div without any class, or to declare classes with spaces because they are declared in a content_tag or text_field - back to the copy/paste issue).
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Arnaud Joubay

Using the extractor from did the trick for me.

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