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re: There are soo many typos in this it makes it confusing to follow in places. Would suggest finding a friend to proofread before posting. But interes...

Tim, if you can't help then don't hurt. Who cares? It's not difficult to follow, you're just being pedantic and bringing net negative.


Constructive feedback followed by positive feedback is neither hurting nor net negative... If something can be done to improve the quality of your work then hopefully you should be open to receiving it as long as it's done in a constructive way. He did receive it well which I all I could ask for.

English doesn't have to be perfect but fixing typos is a low-hanging fruit that increases the quality of your publication and reach/attract more people.

That's all I'm going to say but overall I hope that's a net positive and that we can find a thread if agreement somewhere in there.

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