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Discussion on: What IT stereotype bothers you?

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Sean Eby • Edited on

This is one is debatable but I personally don't like the Front-End Developer versus Back-End Developer versus Full-Stack Developer tropes in hiring. One person can have great skills across all of those, and even many skills within each of those, and not have to be forced to "label" themselves as one kind of a developer or another. Front-End versus Back-End has some unique frameworks but the skillsets themselves are not specifically unique or specialized.

Another one I find annoying is hiring for languages or specific frameworks. So many organizations want something like a Python developer but wouldn't entertain someone who knew Ruby/Rails really well, or some other dynamic language.

Another stereotype is the general "Eye-Tee" stereotype. I never say I am in "IT" because the connotation that many people think of when they hear it (or at least when I do) is some back-office network support or sysadmin or call center person from India. And it generally has this low-brow reputation associated with it, often associated with some dissatisfactory experience ("Reboot your computer" didn't fix the problem... for the 3rd time!).

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edA‑qa mort‑ora‑y

I just go by the title "Programmer" for these reasons. It's a good title describing what I do without limiting the scope or field.

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Dheeraj.P.B • Edited on

When you say IT in India too, there is this problem if being considered along with 'back office support' jobs. But do keep in mind, when we talk about IT jobs in India, back office support isn't the only one that comes under it. We have very good developers here too and very good work going on in Bangalore, Hyderabad and many other cities, both corporates and startups. :)
This tag of a cheap Indian IT labourer being put on by people who think Machine Learning and call centre support, both to be things done by 'IT people' using computers, to be the same, does bother me a lot.