re: Hulkamania! Or; How I made our office play personalized entrance theme music VIEW POST


Oh men! This is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!
In my office I'm a kind of joker. Every day I try to make my colleagues smile at least once a day. This would be magnificent for them to hear one of their favorite music when they arrive at office.
For me, I think is a little bit easier: We have a database that updates every check-in/check-out and (surprise) I have access (in fact, all dev department have access). So I can put a trigger inside the database and use my PC as a server to play the music. The only problem: the user identificator is in other office, so it takes a certain amount of time when you check to your place, so I need to think in a fix for this (maybe, using the MAC address of every PC, also I have access to all of them). Solving this problem, maybe I could replicate your idea.
Dude, you give us the best dev gift joke!

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