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What license to use for private NPM/node or composer packages

As much as I love open-source, not every project or package is meant to become open-source. Especially commercial projects are usually not released under an open-source license. For these cases you can use:

  • Private NPM/yarn packages with a license defined as "UNLICENSED" should do the trick. Make sure to not confuse it the "UNLICENSE", which is open-source.

  • Private composer packages can use the license key "proprietary" to avoid issues.

That's it. More a public note here than an article, but I guess that's fine.

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programador51 profile image

But a very good note, sometimes the work demands to have our rutines as private for the collaborators (for use and even edit the code).
In this case, i want to publish some react components to npm, but they are not 'free to use' unless all the colaborators agree that person uses it or whatever to do with him.
I dont wanna configure tokens for every project that uses it in order have it on the node_modules folder, instead just warning that the code its just for me or allowed people...

zippytyro profile image
Shashwat Verma

Thanks man!