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Discussion on: My React Functional Component maker for the terminal

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sphrases • Edited on

Hey Lucas welcome here. Very nice and high quality first post :D

A similar approach for saving your time with boilerplates could be live templates (For the Jetbrains ecosystem; There might be different names for the same things in other IDEs.). They take a shortcut and replace it with you boilerplate of choice ;)
This is the rfc (react function component) template for example:

import React from 'react';
const $COMPONENT$ = ($PARAMETER$) => {
  return (

export default $COMPONENT$;

This improved my quality of (code) life immensely. :)
This doesn't create the folder structure like you showed, so it might not fit the same use case.

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Lucas G. Terracino Author

Thank you for the kind words!

This is genius, I've never thought of using Snippets (This is how is called in VSCode and I think so does in Sublime), I went ahead and created a script, and while doing so I thought, I should just create the whole folder! The use case grow larger while I was writing it haha.
But this looks very efficient next time I only need a file.